The M Photography E-Course

$ 45.00
The M Photography E-Course

This e-course is all about photography and it’s called The M. 

I’ve heard from too many people how they’re scared to slide their camera’s setting from Auto or Shutter/Aperture Priority over to the the big M. I was too! My settings didn’t move out of Auto until a year after I got a DSLR. But, one day I decided to learn Manual and I haven’t switched it back since.
If you’re a blogger who wants to bring your blog to the next level with its own unique photographs or an Etsy shop owner tired of low quality photography representing your amazing product, The M will be a fantastic resource for you! Or if you just want to take better photos of your family, self, and life! 
This class is for anyone who wants to learn the technical aspects of digital photography in an easy to understand and unintimidating setting. The class starts at the very basics — camera and lens recommendations, exposure, composition, lighting, and Photoshop corrections. It ends with basic tips from everything from landscape to portrait photography and includes free Photoshop actions, film photography tips, challenges, critiques, and inspiration. Most of the focus is on portraiture, but other subject matter is covered. 
The class material covers two weeks of thorough, daily lessons, tips, and ideas. The entirety of the class material is posted on a private site you will have unlimited access to at anytime. Login information will be immediately emailed to you after purchase. 
  • The e-course will be hosted on a private blog on which you will have unlimited access. 
  •  You will need a DSLR camera and a version of Photoshop CS3 or higher. You are certainly welcome to take the class using a point and shoot or with a different editing software, but I teach the lessons using those tools as a base and won’t be able to answer questions pertaining to non-DSLR cameras and different software. 
  • You should receive an automated email with a link to download the login information. If you don't receive it within an hour, please check your Spam folder and then contact me at kara(@) 
Included lessons: 
  • “My Story” – A Journey of Photography 
  • My Equipment 
  • Camera Recommendations 
  • YOUR camera! 
  • The Exposure Triumvirate 
  • Focus 
  • Composition 
  • Cropping 
  • Basic Editing 
  • Lighting Tips 
  • Using Layers 
  • Object Removal 
  • Skin Retouching 
  • Eye Sharpening 
  • Dodging and Burning 
  • If I Could… 
  • Student Critiques 
  • Color Balance 
  • Photoshop Color Correction 
  • Adding Color in Photoshop 
  • Creating with Actions 
  • Posing and Working With People 
  • 5 Tips/Ideas Night/Fake Light
  • Saving For Web. 
  • Film Photography Tips 
  • Portfolio Tips 
  • Saving Images for Print 
  • Camera Bags